Our Team

Sarah Williams

Photo credit: Heath Stiltner

Mama Doula, Revolutionary, change agent, bridge builder, community advocate.

Sarah Williams, also known as Mama Doula, is a native of Lexington, KY. She works tirelessly planting seeds and nurturing the growth of liberation of all life. With experience as a registered nurse traveling across the country and a community advocate for mitigating gentrification and demanding police accountability, Sarah Williams seeks to educate and build community through facilitating community civic engagement that produces The People’s Blueprint for dismantling systemic racism in our community.
(Sarah’s current initiatives include Cooperation Lexington, Wild Fig Healing Collective LLC.)

Jay Calhoun, Digital Media Team

Jay Calhoun joined in protests for 44 consecutive days as our community demanded #LPdAccountability. Jay is also a member of Cooperation Lexington.

AJ Vaughn, Digital Media Team

AJ Vaughn brought his passion for photography to the streets when our community joined in protests for 44 consecutive days. He has continued to document a digital history of the movement for #LPDAccountability and #LexBLM here in Lexington.

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