Building and Crossing the Bridge Towards Liberation

  • Bluegrass Uprising of 2020
    A Historical Timeline from May 29, 2020 to July 9, 2021 covering the marches, protests, direct actions , and events surrounding police accountability in Lexington, Ky. #LPDAccountability Compiled by Sarah Williams using Herald Leader archives . (Updates and Additions to be added.) May 29, 2020 WYMT May 29,2020 Afternoon Triangle Park Herald Leader Article With […]
  • Victory Gardens Lex #LexGrow #ReclaimTheLand
    Check out recent community building work in securing a local food supply. Victory Gardens Lex #LexGrow #ReclaimTheLand
  • 2021 is 1861
    The precipice Amerikkka finds itself on in 2021 is a hemorrhaging wound that has festered since 1861 and inflicted repeatedly since the 1600s. The twisted lies and delusional illusions of racist white supremacy, whether about stolen elections or the perceived inferiority of melinated people ordained by a white Jesus that is literally a figment of […]
  • MLK Day Debut of “Fire and Heart: A Blueprint for Liberation”
    Lexington’s annual MLK day celebration will be different this year due to the ongoing pandemic. Lexington native filmmaker Joan Brannon has produced, directed, and written a documentary “focusing on the African American quest for social justice from the Civil Rights era to our contemporary moment.” “In the place of a traditional commemorative program held in […]
  • Drop the Charges Lexington
    January 6, 2021 will forever be marked as the day the world bore witness to the complicit actions of law enforcement and police in defending, maintaining, and participating in racism/white supremacy. As hundreds of white people stormed the capital in a riot of insurrection, they were allowed to leave the crime scene without arrest. While […]
  • Digital Media Updates
    We are preparing to take our Peoples Blueprint to digital media. As we prepare, we are sharing a test video to work out any kinks we encounter. This first video is simply a song relevant to the revolution with pictures and banners displayed. We want to ensure the comment features work across all platforms as […]
  • Looking to 2022, #LindaAndSteveMustLeave
    As we await election results on a national stage, lets discuss what we need to change locally in 2022. Linda (the mayor) has been largely silent and thus complicit in her failure to directly address #LPDAccountability, still refusing to ban no knock warrants, failing to address Lexington Police Department ‘s complicit actions in the murder […]
  • The Real, Hard Work of Liberation
    Recently I was asked to participate in a local art project completed by Kremena Todorova and Kurt Ghode. Here I share my written contribution to this project. The Black Lives Matter portion of this project can be viewed in it’s entirety here: What the Black Lives Matter Movement Means to Me Sarah Williams, October 16, […]
  • The “Difficult Work” is Just Beginning
    Today was a small victory in the fight for justice in Lexington, KY. The recommendations from the Law Enforcement and Justice Subcommitee of the Mayor’s Commission for Racial Justice and Equality speak life to demands of black and brown people in this community have made for decades. Yet, there is a deeper and darker struggle […]
  • Email Public Officials, Vote No on Oct 22, 2020
    URGENT!!!!!Please take a moment to email our elected public officials about Vice Mayor Steve Kay’s proposed amendment to local law that would prohibit council members from asking questions or seeking further information about officers whose disciplinary actions are voted on by council. Vice Mayor Steve Kay is pushing a vote on this amendment at this […]

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