County Attorney Lies at Community Q & A

Current Fayette County Attorney, Larry Roberts and current electoral candidate Angela Evans attended a community Q&A hosted by Bluegrass Activist Alliance this evening.

In response to a question about whether charges against protest leaders from the summer of 2020 were still pending, Larry Roberts let his delusional mindset spew blatant lies.

No one in this city who attended the 2020 protests demanding #LPDAccountability, can say they saw Sarah Williams nor James Woodhead remove people from their car and punch them. Nor are either of them guilty of any of the false accusations Larry Roberts alleges in his response. Williams and Woodhead are the only two people with pending charges stemming from the protests.

Have a listen for yourself:

March 27, 2022

Clip of Larry Roberts Blatantly Lying

To view the entire Q&A in which Angela Evans eloquently and gracefully points out clear reasons as to why we must #ElectAngelaEvans and #VoteLarryToRetire, please visit Bluegrass Activist Alliance’s livestream of their event:

Q&A with Candidates for Fayette County Attorney

VOTE MAY 17 2022 for transparency and equity in our Fayette County Attorney #ElectAngelaEvansMay17

Sign the petition to #DropTheChargesLex and follow the historical timeline of updates:http://www.tinyurl.com/dropthechargeslex


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