City Council Vote on Police Contract 11/4/21

Email your city council members about the upcoming vote on the police contract aka collective bargaining agreement:

Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council will vote to accept or reject this proposed agreement Thursday, Nov 4, 2021.

First, city council forfeits any further bargaining power if they pass the proposed CBA. Pending litigation could overturn the ban on no knock warrants and city council will have no leverage to reinstate it.

Second, we need 3 civilians added to the disciplinary review board per the Commission on Racial Justice and Equality’s recommendations. There was extensive discussion about this during the meetings of last summer.

Third, not only should the police be required to explain the complaint process to any civilian filing a complaint, they should also be informed about the Citizens Advocate and be provided appropriate contact information.

Fourth, coaching and counseling records should not be removed from officers file after a year. This does not allow the community to track patterns of behavior in bad officers.

Fifth, why are civilians chosen for the disciplinary review board subject no misdemeanors in the past five years? A minor traffic violation could be a disqualification.

Sixth, drug testing after a critical incident should not be optional, it should be required.

Finally, drop the charges against nonviolent protest leaders who brought our city to this juncture of transformative police reforms.

Text of contract:


Linda Gorton mayor@lexingtonky.gov
Steve Kay Vice Mayor skay@lexingtonky.gov
All Council Members: councilmembers@lexingtonky.gov
Chuck Ellinger At Large cellinger@lexingtonky.gov
Richard Maloney At Large rmoloney@lexingtonky.gov
James Brown 1st District jbrown2@lexingtonky.gov
Josh McCurn 2nd District jmccurn@lexingtonky.gov
Hannah LeGris 3rd District hlegris@lexingtonky.gov
Susan Lamb 4th District susanl@lexingtonky.gov
Liz Sheehan 5th District lsheehan@lexingtonky.gov
David Kloiber 6th District dkloiber@lexingtonky.gov
Preston Worley 7th District pworley@lexingtonky.gov
Fred Brown 8th District fbrown@lexingtonky.gov
Whitney Baxter 9th District wbaxter@lexingtonky.gov
Amanda Mays Bledsoe 10th District abledsoe@lexingtonky.gov
Jennifer Reynolds 11th District jreynolds@lexingtonky.gov
Kathy Plomin 12th District kplomin@lexingtonky.gov

An easy copy paste of emails:

mayor@lexingtonky.gov; mayor@lexingtonky.gov; skay@lexingtonky.gov; councilmembers@lexingtonky.gov; cellinger@lexingtonky.gov; rmoloney@lexingtonky.gov; jbrown2@lexingtonky.gov; jmccurn@lexingtonky.gov; hlegris@lexingtonky.gov; susanl@lexingtonky.gov; lsheehan@lexingtonky.gov; dkloiber@lexingtonky.gov; pworley@lexingtonky.gov; fbrown@lexingtonky.gov; wbaxter@lexingtonky.gov; abledsoe@lexingtonky.gov; jreynolds@lexingtonky.gov; kplomin@lexingtonky.gov

#AmendTheCBA #LPDAccountability

Additional background:

Herald Leader Article


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