MLK Day Debut of “Fire and Heart: A Blueprint for Liberation”

Lexington’s annual MLK day celebration will be different this year due to the ongoing pandemic. Lexington native filmmaker Joan Brannon has produced, directed, and written a documentary “focusing on the African American quest for social justice from the Civil Rights era to our contemporary moment.”

“In the place of a traditional commemorative program held in Heritage Hall, the Committee has partnered with Lexington born film maker, Joan Brannon to create the documentary, Fire and Heart: A Blueprint for Liberation. The documentary examines racial justice and healing discourse for Black people in Kentucky. It includes clips from past MLK Lexington celebrations. It invites the voices of activists and community members currently involved in the movement to share their experiences with direct action, protest, and to discuss the need for healing from racial trauma within the Black community. Featured storytellers are: Jecorey Arthur, Hannah Drake, Chester Grundy, Ann Beard Grundy, Keturah Herron, LeTonia Jones, Sadiqa Reynolds, and Sarah Williams. Additional creators of the film include, LaShelle Allen (music) and Nzingha-Beverley Sweeney-Sheppard (visual art).”

“Fire and Heart: A Blueprint for Liberation will go live for viewing on the MLK Holiday Committee’s YouTube channel on Jan. 18, at 11 a.m. Following the debut, the documentary will be screened across several area media platforms and channels throughout January and February 2021.”

Access the YouTube Channel for debut here:


Find more info on march and film here.

Watch the trailer for the documentary:

Sign the petition to #DropTheCharges against protest organizers for #LPDAccountability



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