Looking to 2022, #LindaAndSteveMustLeave

As we await election results on a national stage, lets discuss what we need to change locally in 2022. Linda (the mayor) has been largely silent and thus complicit in her failure to directly address #LPDAccountability, still refusing to ban no knock warrants, failing to address Lexington Police Department ‘s complicit actions in the murder of Breonna Taylor through the hiring and lack of discipline given to Brett Hankinson.

Steve (vice mayor) underhandedly introduced an amendment that would prohibit city council from asking questions or seeking further information about police discipline they vote to approve or reject. Instead of adding this amendment as an agenda item for the meeting, he introduced it during council comments. This required citizens to comb through over two hours of video to locate the introduction of this amendment. Find the video here:

While Steve has asserted that community members simply “misunderstand” his amendment – we understand clearly that city council currently has the right to call witnesses and gather evidence according to local and state law. Steve Kay attempted to give away this current right of council. Steve insisted it be voted on immediately, despite several council members suggesting council wait for the recommendations from the Law Enforcement Subcommitee of the Comission on Racial Justice. Steve wanted this ban on the books prior to the recommendations because these recommendations include adding civilians to both the investigative and disciplinary stages of police discipline. We the people will undoubtly add a deeper level of transparency in investigation and discipline of police officers – Steve tried to stop this before it began.

The amendment Steve introduced has been moved to the Public Safety Commmitee for further discussion. This will happen on November 17.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: The Racial Justice Commission’s recommendations include the addition of community members to the investigation and discipline of officers in a way that DOES NOT REQUIRE STATE LAW CHANGES!!!!!!! The default excuse of local public officials in delaying #LPDAccountability is the need to change state law – this can no longer be the excuse, the commission has charted a way to accomplish civilian participation in police investigation and discipline without changing state law.


Election Day is gifting a change in our local city council with incumbents Bill Farmer Jr. and Fred Brown being ousted by Liz Sheehan and Christian Motley according to current prescient reporting at 9:17AM 11/4/2020. This is a key first step to ensuring systemic racism is dismantled in this city.

Stayed tuned to People’s Blueprint for further updates.

Find the full report from the Law Enforcement SubCommittee here:

Full Report 10/23/2020


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